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Visual Harmony:
Amos Powell's Art Gallery

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Meet The Artist Behind the Canvas

Amos Powell, hailing from Nottingham, England, is more than an artist; he is a storyteller, weaving emotions onto canvas with each stroke of his brush. From the earliest days of sketching faces, people, and captivating objects, Amos has found solace and joy in the realm of creativity.


His journey is a testament to a lifelong passion for expression. 'Creativity is the most beautiful manifestation of thinking outside the box,' says Amos. It serves as his language to convey personal perspectives on the world, creating tangible pieces that resonate with individuals, evoking emotions that endure through time. 


Amos has swiftly earned recognition among art collectors, with his pieces becoming highly coveted, ranging from the allure of Greek Sunset Limited edition prints to the tenderness of double blessing baby moldings.

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Crafting Poetry on Canvas: A Master of Contemporary Artistry and Shadows.

Using a palette of oil paint, acrylic, and pastels, Amos delves into contemporary and modern art, showcasing a diverse range of paintings. His full portfolio is a captivating journey, awaiting discovery on Artmajeur.
A master of technique, Amos employs simple and clean lines to craft shadows in his moldings, captivating audiences by instilling in them the same depth and sensitivity to life that he feels. The acclaim for his work is echoed in numerous fantastic reviews, with his art often described as 'poetry portrayed in pictures.' Join us as we unravel the artistic tapestry spun by Amos Powell, where every creation is a chapter in a visual narrative that resonates with the soul."


Amos Powell: Mastering the Canvas of Emotions!

Unveiling Emotions, One Stroke at a Time. Visionary Art That Transcends Canvas, Creating Timeless Narratives in Every Brushstroke.

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