Author And Artist Amos Powell


I was born and grew up in Nottingham England, the youngest of seven children to a wonderful Jamaican mum Vera Powell.


Since I can remember I have had a passion for drawing and painting, I attended Haywood secondary school age eleven.


I was so inadequate at English, in fact, I was in the bottom class for English and most other subjects for that matter.

Despite my lack of academic ability I grew to like writing poetry which was even more of a shock to me because no one that I knew even read poetry or liked poetry, football was the thing.


 I liked the sound and the feel of words, the way words would form in my mind and flow from my pen on to the paper, getting it from a thought to the finished article was always the challenge.


So I began to write poetry periodically throughout my teenage years and into my adult life until I had a body of work I felt was complete hence the book.


The Music Pulls Me Back from penning my first poem to my last the journey had taken thirty-five years.

In between poetry marriage, children, work and life, I managed to paint and draw.


I also put together a coffee table book, 'Where People Matter' which would be a great addition to any coffee book collection.

Even though I say so myself. 


One of my ambitions is to make a living from doing something I feel passionate about by purchasing a book or just telling someone about this web site you would be supporting me.


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Thank You for your support.